August 14, 2022
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5 Questions For Your Self-Storage Facility

learn about the common questions to ask your self storage facility in Vancouver

Always remember to ask your storage facility before you start renting with them! We have collected the most common self-storage questions and answers for you to ask. Write down those answers and compare with different storage facilities in Vancouver, hope this might help you find the best option based on your needs.

Five Common Questions For To Ask Your Self Storage Facility

1. How Much Does The Self-storage Cost?

Many storage facilities offer different locations at different prices. Therefore, make sure you talk to them about what location you prefer to rent and what size of storage unit you need. In the end, storage facilities will base on your requirements and give you a quote!


2. Is There Any Insurance Needed?

Some storage facilities in Vancouver require all of its tenants to carry insurance but you don’t need to purchase the insurance they provide by storage facilities. Besides, if you have a home under your personal property, make sure to confirm your property insurance consultant if your home insurance covers the storage unit or not. It is recommended to buy insurance for your goods in storage units.


3. What Cannot Be Stored In This Self-storage?

You might want to follow the policy of the self-storage to know what can be store in the storage unit. But some common stuff is not allowed to put in self-storage such as illegal drugs, stolen property, foods, explosives.


4. Is My Goods Goanna Be Safe?

Understand the level of protection for your storage units. The security systems can vary from the facility, therefore, make sure to ask about their security equipment.


5. Is There Any Late Fee?

Different Storage Facilities have different policies for late payment. It is better to ask the storage company first. Some storage companies have the right to sell your belongings after you fail to pay your fee.


These 5 common questions and answers will help you find the best self-storage in Vancouver. If you have more questions about self-storage, always make sure to ask them first before you start renting.