August 14, 2022
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How Do I Choose the Right Auto Body Shop?

professional worker is fixing the car in vancouver auto body shop

If you’ve been driving for a while, you may have heard a horror story about some auto body repairs or maintenance gone horribly wrong. You may even have your own story about a less than stellar experience with an auto body shop. While plenty of auto body shops and services strive to provide quality service at fair and competitive prices, there are a few examples of some unreliable shops out there as well. Whether you are in need of some major auto body repairs, or just some simple maintenance such as an oil change, it is important to have a service you know you can rely on. To help you choose the right auto body shop, take a look at some of the tips listed below.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Auto body Shop

1. Keep an Ear Open for Recommendations

            One of the best ways to get a solid idea about what kind of experience you can expect at a repair shop is by listening to other people’s experiences. Word of mouth recommendations are still a great way to determine which auto body shop is best suited to your needs. It can be difficult to rely on people’s anonymous online reviews, even when they are detailed and well written. At the end of the day, you may not be getting the most reliable information from and online review. On the other hand, hearing first hand from someone you know and trust about the pros and cons of a certain auto body shop can give you the perfect insight into the type of experience you will have.

2. Get Different Estimates

            Many people will get multiple estimates for any home renovations they are considering, as these are often a big expense that requires serious commitment. The same should be true for your vehicle, especially if you require extensive repairs. Not only will you get a good idea about what you can expect to pay for your repairs, some auto body shops will be willing to match the lower estimate of another shop in order to get your business. Getting multiple estimates can not only save you trouble in the future, you can also save a few bucks on the repairs as well.

3. Consider Location and Overhead Costs

            Ever wonder why some auto body repair shops are willing to charge less for labour and parts than others? It may have to do with the quality of service the shop offers, but there are other factors at play as well. When you consider what an auto body shops rates are, you should consider points like the location of the shop itself, as well as things like the size of the shop and its appearance. Most repair shops located in the heart of a downtown city centre like Vancouver will have to charge more compared to a shop on the outskirts of the city, as things like rent and delivery fees will be higher at a downtown location. You may also find a repair shop with more amenities than another, which is another sign that costs may be higher at the end of the day.

4. Technical Certifications

            A more talented an auto repair technician will likely want to charge more for their services. This doesn’t mean you should avoid the more expensive option, as you can get higher quality repairs. You should be aware of any false claims about certifications however, as some shops may try to artificially inflate their prices. Look for certifications that are backed by actual car manufacturers such as GM or Honda. These certifications are ongoing courses which technicians need to regularly update as cars upgrade their models. You can verify any certifications by checking them online before you commit to a specific auto repair shop.


5. Warranties

Continuously get a guarantee on your auto body work. The guarantee that you get for your vehicle will let you ensure each and every detail. This is vital since you’re paying a lot of cash to get it fixed.

Slender toward an auto body shop that can sell you a guarantee for the lifetime of the vehicle. Along these lines, you’re secured against any imperfections and can get the parts changed out when vital.

As you plunk down with a wide range of shops for meetings, get some information about the kinds of guarantees they offer. Save the administrative work for any auto body guarantee that you purchase, with the goal that you’re ready to practice it when required.

Finding the right auto body repair shop is easy with the right tricks and tools. To learn more about the quality, certified repair services in Vancouver, we recommend you to visit Spotlite Collision, give them a call or email for an estimate today!