The Gaslight District Presents:

Saturday Sept. 16th
A free one day community event celebrating the future vision of The Gaslight District.

One Day
One Community
One Vision

Envisioned as a thriving hub in a revitalized urban core, The Gaslight District will be graced with the same vintage details as its former days.

A Day in the District will showcase the vision for the future Gaslight District in Galt; a square buzzing with local arts, culture, music and thriving with people. September 16th, will be a community event for everyone who wants to experience local arts, entertainment and culture.

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Day Of

Experience Live music in the Gaslight District:

  • Serena Ryder
  • Steven Page
  • Conor Gains
  • Lo-Fi Mind
  • Practically Hip
  • Eric Bolton
  • Liv Gains
  • Vienna D’Amato Hall
  • Alex McVittie
  • Erick Traplin
  • Drew Ripley
  • Bartone
  • Ben Moore
  • Inner Meadow
  • Ricky Mullen
  • Legion
  • Silver Leaves Brass
  • Matt Giblin
  • Chloe K Jones
  • Jillian Elizabeth Music
  • Magnetic Revelators

Spend the day immersed in live music at The Gaslight District. With two stages and over a dozen acts the district will be buzzing with the sounds of local musicians throughout the day.

A Part
The Art

Come and let your wild side loose in The Gaslight District. Feel the energy in the air and join in the celebration of art and creativity.

Art In the Gaslight District is For Everyone:

  • Local Art Gallery
  • Galt History Gallery
  • The Happening
  • Painting classes for all ages

Tour the various pop-up galleries at The Day in The District and enjoy an eclectic mixture of local art and history from around Galt.


Stop by the artist’s studio and unleash the creativity inside you! With the guidance of our in-house artist you can refine your painting skills in the drop-in painting classes for all ages.

The Happening

A unique collaborative art installation at The Gaslight District that allows everyone joining A Day In The District be an artist.


Indulge your senses in the tastes of The Gaslight District. Feel the joy of food in a wide variety of culinary experiences throughout the district.

A Day

Taste the excitement In The Gaslight District

  • Chef D
  • Langdon Hall
  • Fistro
  • Beer Tutorial
  • KambuCha Tutorial
  • Fresh Market
  • Konopizza
  • Candyliscious
  • Sweet Temptations
  • Boston Pizza Truck
  • Monigram coffee
Fresh Market

Visit the Fresh Market at The Gaslight District and pickup a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from local farmers

Food Trucks

Enjoy a variety of food from the finest local food trucks stationed throughout The Gaslight District.

Food Demonstrations

Learn the from the pros at The Gaslight District and watch food and drink demonstrations live from the Market Stage.

It All
In The

Getting Around The Gaslight District

  1. Main Stage
  2. Food Truck Location
  3. Outdoor Lounge
  4. Food Truck Location
  5. The Local Stage
  6. Masterpiece Craft Corner
  7. Painter’s Studio
  8. Monigram Coffee Booth
  9. Fresh Market
  10. The Market Stage
  11. Indoor Lounge
  12. Food Truck Location
  13. The Happening
  14. Food Truck Location
  15. Local Artist Gallery
  16. History Gallery
  17. Busker Stage
  18. Gaslight Condo Presentation Centre

Who Where And When

Main Stage

  • 11:00am Liv Gains
  • 11:30am Silver Leaves Band
  • 11:45am Eric Bolton
  • 12:30am Silver Leaves Band
  • 12:45pm Practically HIP
  • 2:00pm Vienna D’amato Hall
  • 2:45pm DJ Plug In
  • 2:50pm Waterloo Warbirds
  • 3:35pm Lo-Fi Mind
  • 4:50pm Conor Gains
  • 6:05pm Steven Page
  • 7:35pm Serena Ryder

Local Stage

  • 11:00am Alex McVittie
  • 11:25am Erick Traplin
  • 12:20pm Drew Ripley
  • 1:15pm Bartone
  • 1:40pm Ben Moore
  • 2:05pm Legion
  • 2:35 Ricky Mullen
  • 3:05pm Inner Meadow
  • 3:35pm Matt Giblin
  • 4:05pm Chloe K Jones
  • 4:35pm Jillian Elizabeth Music
  • 5:45pm Magnetic Revelators

Market Stage

  • 12:00pm Chef D
  • 1:00pm Langdon Hall
  • 2:00pm Kambucha Tutorial
  • 3:00pm Fistro
  • 4:00pm Liason College
  • 5:00pm Beer Tutorial
  • 6:30pm Market Closes

Painter’s Studio

  • 12:30pm until 5:00pm Drop In Painting Classes (Adults & Kids)